Friday, February 17, 2017

To Infinity & Beyond - How to Advocate for TRIO Programs

This week we have been actively sharing our experiences on how TRIO has impacted our lives, from numerous mentions of personal inspiration and memories, to data driven evidence proving the extent of how TRIO programs, like OHIO Upward Bound, have helped young Americans access education and succeed. From 1964 until 2017, the legacy of TRIO continues on; however this is only possible with continued support from those who have experienced the impact of TRIO programs. This includes active voices speaking up for the importance of the program, as advocates for educational opportunity. Thus, if you care about the program, we want to encourage you to keep talking about TRIO’s impact beyond this week, by using social media, calling your elected representatives, and staying informed on policy impacting education and TRIO programs, like OHIO UB. The legacy can only live on if those who care, show it. So speak up and speak out! If you would like more information on contacting your elected officials to explain why #TRIOWorks check out the follow link:

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