Monday, January 23, 2017

Paving your way to a career

Sure, it's enough to simply go through the motions while in college. Wake up each morning, go to class, hang out with your friends and go to bed--only to repeat the same pattern the following day.

Although this type of routine may leave you with a degree in your hand, it may not lead to the fulfilling career you are seeking post-grad.

It is important to get involved outside of the classroom, no matter what your major is. There are plenty of opportunities on every college campus for students to participate in a club/organization that interests them. In this blog post, we will discuss a few different majors, what types of extracurricular activities go well with those majors and various careers that you may pursue with the combined experience.

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Community and Public Health
Extra curricular: Health & well-being club, fitness instructor, nutrition club, community food initiatives
Career options: Health department, service organization, volunteer health agency, state or federal health agency, hospital or workplace.

Early Childhood

Extra curricular: Child life organization, babysitter, nanny, day care worker
Career options: Public and private preschools, Head Start programs, nursery schools, child care centers, private and public kindergarten and primary grades.

Graphic Design

Extra curricular: Campus media, multimedia society, game developers organization
Career options: Design firms, marketing firms, advanced degree programs


Extra curricular: School newspaper, magazine, radio station, broadcast network,
Career options: Broadcast (news anchor, weather and traffic reporter, radio host, production crew, sports reporter), editorial (news reporter, magazine editor, investigative journalist) and visual (photo journalist, freelance photographer, video editor). Other options may be in the field of communication, PR and social media.


Extra curricular: Council of teachers of mathematics, math club, women in mathematics, teacher's assistant
Career options: State and federal government agencies, scientific research and development services, communication firms, public and private K-12 education, institutions of higher education, computer services companies, software publishers, banks and credit unions, non-profit organizations and chemical and pharmaceutical companies.


Extra curricular: Psychology club, research assistant
Career options: Counseling, crisis work, performance enhancement, social market research, experimental psychology. Possible employers include hospitals and healthcare providers, institutions of higher education, rehabilitation facilities, government agencies, social services and non-profit agencies and public/private K-12 schools.

Social Work

Extra curricular: Student social work association, students for law, justice & culture, sustainability club
Career options: Child welfare, mental health services, foster care and residential treatment, adoption services, nursing homes, schools, government agencies and medical facilities. Social workers may work with children, adolescents, families, adults, the elderly, people with mental health/behavioral issues, developmental disabilities, veterans, etc.

Don't see your major on this list? Have questions about alternative options? Feel free to email