Friday, September 9, 2016

UB Got Me Here

"UB Got Me Here" is a new column that features various students for the academic and personal success they have achieved with the help of the Upward Bound program. Everyone has a different story, and we look forward to hearing how Upward Bound has helped prepare each student for the future and what goals these students have set for themselves.

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This week's spotlight is on Destiny Gooslin!

Destiny says: "Upward Bound has helped me prepare for college by providing me with the resources I need to succeed. Each workshop and summer phase that I attended over my four years taught me something new. I no longer had to worry about not knowing what to do. Upward Bound also provides me with a  group of people who understand my struggles and accepts everyone. I could not have made it without this program. I now study Undecided Arts and Sciences at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. My goals are to get above a 3.0 GPA this year, not miss more than three classes a semester and to find my major."

Good work, Destiny! We can't wait to see you achieve your goals this year at OHIO.

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