Friday, April 10, 2015

Education Around the World: The April Workshop

Get ready for Saturday's workshop: Education Around the World! We will be learning all about study abroad and we will be having four international student panelists speaking about their personal experiences. Here they are:

Sana Mahmud- Pakistan

Mohammed Meissara - Mauritania

Sherica Hawthorne - Jamaica

Sankerdas Latthanlot - Laos

In the meantime, here is some general information about the benefits of studying abroad. Take a look and then come to the workshop with questions to ask us or the panelists!

  • Experience a Foreign Culture
    Studying abroad may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people.Typically, college is the best time to travel because students are young, independent, and don't have any harsh commitments. Well, besides schoolwork, but that is the point of studying abroad. It allows you to continue your education while being immersed in a completely different culture. When you are out of school and working, it will be much harder to devote a large chunk of time to traveling. So think about the future and whether or not you will have the opportunity again after college.
  • Learn How to Communicate Among Cultures
    Language is just one different cultural aspect that students will experience while studying abroad. Even if the country you are living in is English-speaking, there will still be more cultural barriers that you will have to break through. Studying abroad will give you first-hand experience with the customs and traditions of that particular country. Then you will be able to compare what you have learned to the customs and traditions of the U.S.
  • Manage Finances
    Living in a different country will force you to become familiar with different forms of currency, living expenses, and general cost differences. In general, it will provide a great lesson on how to manage your own money while living on your own.
  • Increase Independence
    Although going to a college is an independent experience of its own, studying abroad takes it to another level. If you decide to travel to another to country to further your education, it is likely that you aren't taking your family and friends along with you. Living in a new, unfamiliar place all on your own may be overwhelming or scary at times, but it can help you learn adaptability and responsibility. It will also help you grow as a whole.
  • Attract Future Employers
    All of the benefits that we have discussed so far are also what will make you more attractive to future employers. A successful study abroad experience will truly show that you are a responsible, mature, and independent person. Check out this article by to read more reasons why employers like study abroad.
If you are intimidated by the commitment, price, or requirements of study abroad, check out this Huffington Post article, "Busting the Top 10 Study Abroad Myths."

If you have any immediate questions or comments, feel free to email us at or message us on Facebook. See you Saturday!

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