Thursday, February 26, 2015

Finding and Applying for Scholarships

There are many types of scholarships out there; you just have to find them. There are three main categories: state scholarships, student-specific scholarships, and unique scholarships. Here is a break down of each type of scholarship and ways in which you may be eligble.

State Scholarships
State scholarships can be both merit- and need-based. Merit-based scholarships are awarded to students who are at a high academic-level, which is based on a combination of GPA, standardized test scores, and other high school academic achievements. Need-based scholarships depend on financial need and your ability to pay for college.

Both merit-and need-based scholarships vary by state. Upon filling out the FAFSA and admission to a particular college, the amount of your scholarship will be determined. There are also many other state scholarships that require a special application and aren't given directly through a particular college. gives a breakdown of state scholarships and also gives a list of scholarships by state.

Student-specific Scholarships
Student-specific scholarships are based on a multitude of characteristics. Scholarships for minorities are the most common. Other student-specific scholarships can be based on anything from a desire to pursue community service to being the first member in your family to attend college.

College Scholarships gives many categories for student-specific scholarships as well as links to specific scholarships within each category.

It is suggested that you utilize your involvement, passions, and future interests when searching for scholarships. There is almost guaranteed to be one out there for you!

Unique Scholarships
There is a plethora of unique scholarships available to students who may have strange qualities, talents, or interests. As surprising as it may sound, there are scholarships for being left handed, duck calling, and a desire to create a new candy. So if you have a unique trait, search the internet and see if you may be eligible for a scholarship.

Check out the College Express list of 45 of the Weirdest College Scholarships.

***TIP: Never pay a website to find scholarships for you. If a scholarship search site is asking for your credit card or bank account number, it isn't a good sign.

To find scholarships, talk to the college's financial aid office, your high school counselor, or use reliable websites such as and

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