Monday, October 20, 2014

Study Tips for Success

Studying can be tedious, especially if you aren't doing so in an effective way. Check out our 10 study tips to help gear you toward success!

  • Study alone
Studying with a group of people may seem like a fun, productive idea, but it usually doesn't turn out that way. Working around other people (especially friends) is an easy way to get off topic. Try studying alone for a set amount of time and then hang out with your friends after!
  • Don't cram
The worst way to study is to try to cram in all of the information the night before your exam. It is best to start preparing a week-or-so before the exam and to study in increments each day. That way you are remembering a smaller amount of information at a time and building on it each following day. 
  • Find a go-to study spot
Having a go-to study spot is essential. Everyone works best in different settings, so it is important to figure out which setting works best for you. Some students work best in the library, whereas others study best in their own room.
  • Clean/organize your work area
No matter where you're studying, it is important to keep your area clean and organized. Get rid of other homework or anything else lying around able to cause distractions. Get out all of the materials you need to study and organize them accordingly.
  • Get rid of your cell phone
Cell phones are a major distraction. One text from a friend and your mind could be off-topic for the next 20 minutes. Let your friends know you are studying and keep your phone off or away until you are completely finished.
  • Organize your notes
This can often be the most difficult part in the studying process. If a study guide was given by the teacher, use your notes to fill it in. If not, highlight key terms and put it into an order that makes sense to the bigger theme. 
  • Make flashcards
Flashcards are traditional and effective. Writing down the terms and definitions helps you process the information and quizzing yourself on the flashcards helps with memorization. 
Quizlet is a site where you can make online flashcards. It will even read read the words to you!
  • Take a break
It's extremely difficult to stay focused for prolonged periods of time. Taking a break is vital to the studying process. You can take a walk, grab a bite to eat, or just take a minute to lean back and relax. After your break you will re-gain some energy and be ready to pick up where you left off. 
  • Get some sleep
Sleep. Is. Crucial. 
Pulling an all-nighter is neither healthy nor productive. Getting a good night of sleep is essential to having your mind and body alert and ready to take an exam.

If you follow these tips, a lot of stress will be lifted off of your shoulders on exam day. Take a deep breath and be confidence in your studies!

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